Improve Schoolwork Program For College Students

College Program - Improve SchoolworkTrying to remember the vast amounts of information that students encounter in college classes can be very difficult and time consuming. Developing easier and faster methods of remembering information would drastically cut down the amount of work students would have to do because over 90% of all school work is based on memory.

“Develop Your Power Memory” approaches the issue of memory by using our very genetics as a gateway to remembering facts much faster. Why? When we are born, we have NO concept of language, NO understanding of grammar, NO idea of calculation. What we DO have, however, is a bio-computer (our brain) that can instantly generate imagery at a moment’s notice.

In short, because we come into this world “hard-wired” to use our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) to experience and thus learn about the world, it only makes sense to use these natural instincts to make remembering facts, language, anything easier and faster than ever before!

This program teaches several different memory systems based on rhymes, mnemonics, patterns and much more. These techniques are presented in a fun, light-hearted, fast-moving program that will have your students demonstrating their comprehension of these techniques on stage, before the program is even over.

Your students will have a lot of fun while learning and, if applied, will have several powerful tools to make their schoolwork and indeed their whole lives easier. Support material for students is provided.

Additionally, Cris uses magic, mind reading, onstage volunteers and audience participation to keep the program moving along in a fast-paced, entertaining way. Here’s a small sample of what they will see & experience:

  • A startling appearance of a “special guest” illustrates how something surprising or unusual will ‘stick’ in our minds more effectively!
  • How the memory of a classic cartoon character demonstrates how remembering language can be so much easier!
  • An usual example of how our minds “skip over” information, thereby slowing down the memory process
  • And MUCH more!

Perfect for breakout sessions, leadership conferences or assembly programs, and more!

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