“Are You Looking For Exciting,
Interactive College Entertainment That Will
Captivate Your Students?”

Cris Johnson performed in colleges coast to coast all across North America, including 33 states in the US and parts of Canada. He’s been performing professionally for close to 20 years and full time for over 11 years. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor of Hypnosis through the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and is safety-certified.

His goal is to work with YOU and help make YOUR event the most successful, memorable event it can possibly be!

Now that you understand a little about Cris, here’s some information about his fun-filled college shows…

Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis is a hilarious, interactive program where the volunteers are the STARS of the show…literally! Volunteers are hypnotized using fun hypnotic techniques, guided into a trance, and then their personalities are altered, their surroundings changed, and every “suggestion” is accepted by the volunteers as real – even things like suggesting a volunteer is invisible or that the entire audience is changing into CATS!

Cris’ hypnosis programs are 100% voluntary – meaning no one has to participate who doesn’t want to. Your guests who do decide to experience this wonderful state of relaxation will wake up feeling proud of themselves: they’ll truly be the stars of the show, and while in trance, their cares, concerns and worries will disappear.

As the client, you can choose which of Cris Johnson’s two theme shows you feel your guests would enjoy more…

YOU’VE WON THE LOTTERY!  –  During this hilarious show, your hypnotized guests will experience the thrill of winning the lottery! They’ll journey to the beautiful Bahamas, drive their own “dream car,” attend a Hollywood premiere and rub elbows with celebrities and much more! All of this from the safety and comfort of their seats!

YOU’RE A CELEBRITY!  –  During this fun-filled show, your guests will experience life as a celebrity, attending Hollywood parties, living the great life, and being the center of attention. You’ll see them audition for movie roles, use their skills to charm the audience and much more!

Here are some examples of what your students will see and experience:

  • Volunteers will believe they relaxing on a sunny beach
  • Students will get to experience the hilarity of a “Game Show” in Hollywood!
  • A television talk show segment will highlight the imagination and creativity of several students

Both of these programs are 100% CLEAN and NON-OFFENSIVE and are designed to generate the most laughter and amazement from your guests while keeping their safety and comfort in mind.

This show is appropriate for audiences of 20 – 500 or more and typically runs 60-75 minutes in length.

The “Weird & Bizarre” Magic Show

The “Weird & Bizarre” Magic ShowMost of the adults reading this website grew up watching David Copperfield or Doug Hennig perform magic on television. As times change, so do art forms. Magic that appeals to teens these days is often “edgy,” with an element of danger to it. Modern-day magicians such as David Blaine and Criss Angel have redefined what magic is to 21st century teenagers. The amount of Youtube views that both Criss Angel and David Blaine get is astounding.

This means that magic is just as popular today as it was in decades past…but it has evolved. Cris Johnson has designed a magic show for college students that appeals to them on their level. Effects of seeming danger (yet 100% safe), unexplained seeming paranormal happenings, and surreal illusions laced with teen-friendly yet clean, non-offensive comedy make this show a fantastic entertainment option for your entire event!

This show is appropriate for audiences of 20-500 or more and typically runs 40-45 minutes in length.

The “Fortune Teller” Show

Fortune TellerWith this show, your guests will be completely convinced that ESP is real! While NOTHING embarrassing is revealed, your attendees will be amazed at how much details of their personal lives, wishes for the future and more is revealed.

Here’s a sample:

Impossible Mind Reading – Guests think of long-lost friends, pet names, drawings and more…yet this information is pulled from their minds!

Long Distance Mind reading – One guest is asked to think of ANY word in the world. Then the guest is asked to think of ANY person and their phone number…Cris pulls that phone number from the guest’s mind and calls that guest during the show. Then, impossible as it seems, the person on the phone reveals the “ANY word” thought of!

Futures Revealed – EVERYONE in the audience is asked to think of a question about their own future. WITHOUT anything being written down, Cris reveals many guests’ questions…and answer those questions! This is the strongest possible thing ANY mind reader can do!

The “Twilight Zone” Show

The Twilight ZoneIn this performance, guests witness and interact with several strange demonstrations, exploring the possibility of seeing into the future, preventing future crimes and much more.

Here’s a sample:

  • One guest will predict when a future crime will happen
  • Guests will experience psychic “touches” from…beyond?
  • 6 guests will take an imaginary trip on a “ghost plane” and one guest will cross over to the ‘other side,’ leaving only 5 guests to return!
  • Cris will put at RISK HIS FEE for the show…if he fails in this demonstration, your show is FREE!
  • And much more!


Mind ReadingDiscover inner details of your psyche! Using only the answers to a few simple questions, the performer will give you insightful details into your own personality! After hearing the reading, each guest will have the opportunity to ask the performer one question pertaining to their own destiny.

Each guest is given a 5-minute reading, making this program the perfect “add on” to any of the above programs, or as an evening of entertainment all on its own. We typically offer this service by the hour, as an optional service guests can do one-on-one.


For more information or to receive your no-obligation price quote call (716) 940-8963 TODAY! Or email Cris at crisjohnsoninfo@verizon.net

What Some of Our Clients Have To Say…

“A special thank you and the highest of recommendations!”

“We contacted Cris two months before our conference was to take place. We knew that we would have about 300 people from all around the world and  that we needed to have a “fun element” in our two day finance conference, but that was all. About a month before the conference, Cris met with the design team, we provided him a brief back ground on what the audience would consist of and he left. That evening we had an e-mail providing us with three options that he felt would work. Interestingly enough, he also suggested the middle priced option as the one he felt would work best. He was right, his suggestions were amazing. He even helped us to understand our own global audience, knowing what may cause concerns with different religions and cultures. For a group of 300 accountants, we had a wonderful time. He had a surprise entrance at the beginning of the day with a 15 minute skit, offered 1:1 magic throughout the day, and ended with a magnificent 60 minute skit that concluded our conference. It was everything that we could have hoped it would be. A special thank you and the highest of recommendations!”

Kristina Nickerson, Corning, Inc., Elmira, NY

“The show ended up exceeding our expectations!”

“We were a little nervous about the show. Unsure what to expect. The show ended up exceeding our expectations. Cris was very professional. He did a very clean and non-offensive show. It was fun for everyone including those hypnotized. We are looking forward to another show!”

Angela Miller, Killbuck Savings Bank, Berlin, OH

“They’re still laughing!”

“On behalf of the staff of East Hamilton Radio I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very enjoyable evening. I might add,  we received more than what you said we would. At first I was a little concerned about not getting our staff to volunteer to go on stage, but your professionalism and candid comments gained their confidence. Everyone who attended has commented on the way you managed your performance and respected the people who came forward. As you found out last Saturday evening we have a wide age group here at East Hamilton Radio and your content appealed to all of them. Thank you again, and I will recommend you to anyone. And yes you may feel free to have your prospective clients call me!”

Peter D. Smith, Marketing Manager, East Hamilton Radio, Hamilton, ON

“Everyone is still talking about the great show!”

“We would like to thank you for putting on an excellent show for us at our annual Christmas party. Everyone is still talking about the great show. Most of us laughed all the way home as we discussed what we had seen. The individuals you hypnotized said that they felt great all evening afterward, just as you said they would. We videotaped your performance and the people you hypnotized have watched the DVD and laughed themselves silly. No one was embarrassed. We all found your show to be in good taste and definitely suitable for all. You were very professional, even in the awkward situation of having to perform in a crowded restaurant. Thank you for making our event a huge success!”

Marla Teper, IT Officer, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Toronto, ON, Canada