Programs for College Students

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Improve Schoolwork

  • College Program - Improve SchoolworkThis program teaches several different memory systems based on rhymes, mnemonics, patterns and much more. These techniques are presented in a fun, light-hearted, fast-moving program that will have your students demonstrating their comprehension of these techniques on stage, before the program is even over. Your students will have a lot of fun while learning and, if applied, will have several powerful tools to make their schoolwork and indeed their whole lives easier. Support material for students is provided.
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  • College Program - LeadershipThis highly informative program teaches college students that leaders are made, not born, and that anyone can choose to be a leader if they choose. As with his other programs, Cris will use magic, mind reading, music, onstage volunteers, audience interaction and humor to engage the audience, hold their attention, and illustrate his concepts.
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Stress Management

  • College Program - Stress ManagementFew people truly understand the effects of stress on the mind and body. After being certified as a Stress Management Consultant from the International Hypnosis Association, Cris Johnson understands the extent stress damages us. Cris will teach your group some simple yet effective ways to reduce the stress in their lives quickly and easily. In short, once this program is over, your attendees will be armed with “tools” to make their lives easier!
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