Stress Management for College Students

College Program - Stress ManagementFew people truly understand the effects of stress on the mind and body. After being certified as a Stress Management Consultant from the International Hypnosis Association, Cris Johnson understands the extent stress damages us.

Cris will communicate the effects of stress to your attendees in a very unique way: during the presentation, Cris will help each person in the audience understand his or her own personal stress level.

Additionally, Cris will teach your group some simple yet effective ways to reduce the stress in their lives quickly and easily. In short, once this program is over, your attendees will be armed with “tools” to make their lives easier!

Here are just some of the key techniques your group will learn during this fast-moving, enjoyable presentation:

  • The Relaxing Breath – A simple breathing exercise you can do anywhere
  • The Mental Vacation – in just a few moments, reduce stress by going to your own mental haven
  • Anchoring – Access a relaxed state of mind anywhere, anytime

As with all of Cris’ presentations, this program features group interaction and participation to help illustrate the concepts as well as hold everyone’s attention.

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